3C helps leaders build closer relationships
within and outside their organizations.

We offer professional communication services for our clients and their target audiences. Our recipe for success includes a powerhouse of talent and a lean operations model that enables us to deliver powerful personalized experiences and timely results.

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Meet Our Squad


Bryan is the founder and fearless leader of 3C. His extensive work and experience in prestigious roles at corporations like Microsoft, McKinsey & Company, and Hewlett Packard all came together to reveal a common theme: communication with people, developing connections and creating understanding and ultimately driving positive business impact. He brings knowledge from the corporate world and combines it with a deep passion for developing others.



She’s a go- getter. A provider of results. And a consistent 3-point shooter in basketball. We made her add “Empowering People” to her resume. Christina has a background in event planning and advertising which is why she has a deep understanding of how others digest information. Others have said working with Christina is as enlightening as it is delightful. She helps people get to the point, by figuring out what the point is.


Second-in-command, co-pilot, Chief Operations and Project Management Whiz Kid. It’s because of Maggie we are waiting impatiently, tapping our feet and checking our watches for the day cloning a human is possible. She keeps 3C’s day-to-day going like a well oiled-machine and is the Behind-the-Scenes reason why our communication projects get our clients such amazing results. 



With a background in rocket science communications (no, we aren’t kidding) Sara is our go-to resource for technical communications. She is also our resident Labrador, which empowers her to easily put herself in the audience’s place. Her charm and inherent empathy means that your communications practices will sound equally as charming, while creating instant connection to your audience, like the best first date you’ve ever been on.



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