Why 3C?

We understand the mission and the vision. We get growth mindset. We've spent countless hours at Corp and nearly every campus across the Puget Sound, supporting clients from event planners to program managers to General Managers.

3C Comms was founded by Microsoft alum Bryan Rutberg, whose roles included writing speeches for a Corporate VP and helping share the Microsoft story with customer senior leaders as Director of the Executive Briefing Center.




General Comms

Running low on bandwidth with multiple racing deadlines? Avoid the 11th hour rush. Empower your internal and v-teams by offloading the "ad hoc"...

Event Comms

Land your key messages to multiple audiences before, during, and after Tier-1's, road shows, and 3rd-party events. Drive action, engage and inspire.

Training & Workshops

Engage and support your teams with fun, fast-paced, interactive learning designed to help them share their objectives and the Microsoft story with confidence.


Focus Groups

Uncover practical insights and stories from within your event and program communities. 3C is your SME for engaging your people in meaningful conversation.


If you have a specific project in mind
and need on-demand resources now,
please give us a call at 206-457-2320.



Feel free to check out some of the work we've done for our other clients...