Building the messaging framework is a structured way few to flesh out your communication. Before you can be persuasive, you have to master your own content and give some thought to the most compelling way to explain it to the audiences that you need to persuade.


These insights will help you complete the bottom half of your Messaging Framework: exploding out the themes into a greater quantity of compelling content. Our objective here is to build up your arsenal of persuasive content so that you can have as many points to make as you will ways to make them for audiences that are interested in different angles of your story for the different channels you use to reach them and for different points in time.


A theme-specific key message is that one statement the tells the audience your intent and what you do about it takes the theme expanded into a sense that implies action and which can be proven. I've inserted two examples for using an automotive company.  First, our company treats your family like our family investing over $500M a year in research to increase your safety on the road. That takes safe and starts to bring some specificity to it. The same is true for Bryan’s Rut-burgers.

Think about how you would go about proving that these things are true. Let’s brainstorm to find proof for each statement, and that's what's going to go into the supporting points and stories section. 

There is no right or wrong here - it's what you want to emphasize. There are different ones that might speak universally to all of your audiences or to individual audiences. Delicious, for example, where my theme-specific key messages go: every burger was prepared your specifications and satisfaction, cooked the way you want with your choice of condiments and sides. I put in a couple


In the next column under organic and local, to make proof, we source or meat vegetables and breads from local organic farmers and feature local artisan condiments.  Putting numbers behind it, like a relationship with 26 farmers that are within 35 miles, or that we support local wineries and brewers, or we use recycled paper products, or, you can keep going…


Depending upon your Messaging Framework’s topic, these could be quantitative (we spent over $10,000 per month on x for over 25 years of experience, or in all fifty states and 23 countries). They could be anecdotal (something about a customer who tried your competitor and returned to you, and why they did it; or the success story of a big company who bought from you and how they improve their bottom line using your product or service).


The supporting points and stories: brainstorm those as they relate to your themes. If you can think of it, you might as well write it down because - at minimum - it will provide a reminder when it comes time to write copy or a speech that you don't need to use all of them, but any one of them could be the right one to use, with the given audience.


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